Agricultural Uses

Central Minnesota has a proud agricultural tradition. Hanson Paving is a paving contractor that knows how to create custom asphalt cattle pens, feed lots, driveways, equipment staging areas, silage platforms, bunkers, and more.

Professionally paved surfaces will keep your livestock out of the mud. Not only does this keep your animals cleaner, but it helps to reduce disease and improve your farm's overall hygiene level.

Asphalt Paving For Agriculture

Asphalt is far superior than concrete in agricultural applications. For example, the acid produced by silage will eat away at concrete, but not asphalt. Similarly, asphalt is resistant to animal wastes, and cleaning is easy.

There is an art to using blacktop for agriculture. A professional paving contractor will know the proper mix to use, the depth necessary to support animal and vehicular traffic, and how to work best with your particular soil conditions.

A professional paving contractor will also know how to best create the drainage conditions that your property demands. Our expert technicians will create the necessary slope to your project to ensure proper drainage.

Resurfacing Concrete Silo Floors With Asphalt

Resurfacing an old concrete floor with asphalt is slightly different from building a new floor. As always, preparation is paramount. We make sure to clean the surface, add a special tack coat to ensure that the asphalt adheres to that surface, repair any cracks or chips, and then start working on the new surface.

Three inches is a common thickness for resurfacing a badly worn concrete silo floor. Typically we lay the asphalt in two lifts. Concrete and asphalt expand and contract at different rates, so any resurfacing job must be a complete edge-to-edge job, and not just patchwork.

Our blacktop-paved areas are both efficient and economical. With our expert preparation and installation services, your farm installations will provide many years of service.