Your business's parking lot is the first point of contact with customers. If you have a crumbling, cratered parking area, your customers are going to be left with a negative first impression. Nobody wants to trudge through uneven terrain and pools of rainwater to get to the front door! Whether you're looking to replace an existing parking lot or have a new one paved, there are many benefits to using an asphalt paving contractor tackle the project for you.

Why Pave With Asphalt?

Asphalt is strong and versatile. Rain, sleet, snow, it doesn't matter. Have hundreds of cars and trucks moving through your property every day? No problem. Blacktop can support the day-to-day grind of vehicular traffic, as well as the myriad weather conditions that Minnesota throws at us.

Along with strength and flexibility, blacktop parking lots are extremely durable - often lasting for several decades. Maintenance costs are low as the main issue you're likely to come across are small cracks. Fortunately, these cracks are easily remedied with a trip to the hardware store and a little elbow grease. With even minimal maintenance, the integrity of your blacktop parking lot will remain intact for years to come.

Part of the reason maintenance costs for blacktop paving are so low is that water runoff, snow, and stains from vehicle fluids are not a problem: water doesn't filter down through asphalt; plowing and shoveling are easy; and a standard cleaning will take care of any oil stains. Contact us today in Cold Spring, Becker, Sauk Rapids, St. Augusta or St. Cloud, MN.

Low Price, High Value

Best of all? The price. The price is low, without compromising value. If you use a professional paving contractor, you can rest assured that your new parking lot will be installed with the necessary level of skill and artistry, ensuring that your customers will enjoy coming to your business for years to come.

Be careful when selecting a paving contractor. Make sure that they have the necessary equipment, and ask to see some of their previous work. Paving is a specialized, difficult skill that not every contractor can execute properly.